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Want Free Baby Stuff? Here’s Where You’ll Find Diapers At No Cost

Baby costs can add up quickly. If you know where to find free baby stuff like diapers, however, you can minimize your expenses.

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Clothes and cribs are a couple of baby items that you can receive via hand-me-downs from friends and relatives. Diapers, on the other hand, are a whole different story.

You’ll want to buy diapers new, but as long as you look in the following places, you won’t have to pay for as many of them out of pocket. Why? Because they offer ways to get free diapers, allowing you to use your cash to cover other costs.

Before we jump into the list, please note that some of these companies may ask you to pay shipping costs. Be sure to read the fine print before you order.

ECO by Naty

Your baby can enjoy the top-selling eco diaper if you sign up for a free trial box from ECO by Naty. You’ll get 10 samples of “the best disposable diaper around” in the box, which should help your baby budget just a bit.

If you’re all about going green and saving the environment, ordering your ECO by Naty trial box is an excellent way to go about it.

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National Diaper Bank Network

This organization’s homepage stresses the importance of babies having clean diapers. Without them, they’re less likely to be admitted to daycares, making it hard for parents to work and put food on the table. Also, a lack of clean diapers can make a baby more susceptible to health risks.

Taking these issues into account, the National Diaper Bank Network aims to help by offering free diapers to families in need. You can go here to see if they serve your community. If not, the Network suggests dialing 211 on your phone to see if there’s an agency near you that offers diaper assistance.

Last, but not least, look for food pantries in your city or faith-based organizations. They sometimes provide free diapers to local families that need them.

Share the Love

This nonprofit program knows just how much of a chunk diapers can take out of a parent’s budget. That’s why they came up with Share the Love to distribute free cloth diapers to low-income families.

While getting free baby stuff in the form of diapers is nice, the fact that they’re of the cloth variety is even better. You can wash and reuse cloth diapers, which can lead to significant monthly savings.

To give you an idea of how huge of an expense diapers can be, look no further than this page on the Share the Love website. It lists various statistics on the cost of diapers, such as this one:

According to Babies R Us, the average child goes through 3,360 diapers in their first year. By using cloth, you can significantly cut into that amount to stretch your income farther.

The Cloth Option

You can get even more free cloth diapers by going to The Cloth Option’s site and applying for assistance. If you qualify, they’ll supply you with cloth diapers so you can kickstart your savings while keeping your baby covered.

Jonah Jacobs