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There’s No Experience Necessary For These Work-At-Home Jobs

Everyone has to get their start somewhere, especially when it comes to working online. You can get your start by trying one of these entry-level, work-at-home jobs.

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Working at home seems to be the wave of the future. Even if a pandemic never hit, people are opening their eyes to income-earning opportunities online.

As with any job, you may be wary that you don’t have enough experience to make money working on the Internet. And while experience can surely help, the following jobs show that you can get your feet wet as a first-timer.

The Best Entry Level Work-From-Home Jobs

The following list is just a sampling of work you can do online without having experience.

Remember that before you sign up for anything, you should do your research to ensure the company you’re working for is legitimate. This can be accomplished by searching their name for reviews and testimonials, plus any possible links to scams.

Customer Service

Remote work as a customer service representative is one of the more sought-after positions due to its flexibility. If you know how to deal with people and are good at solving problems, becoming a customer service rep may be a perfect fit.

Some customer service jobs will involve a lot of work over the phone, while others may have you chat with clients online.

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Here are a few companies that often hire reps to work remotely:

  • AmazonApple
  • Working Solutions

Data Entry

These online jobs may be a bit difficult to come by since people usually snatch them up quickly. Data entry is a great way to get started in the work-at-home sector, and it can give you something to fill up your online resume as you move up the ranks.

Some companies that offer data entry jobs include:

  • Axion Data
  • Clickworker
  • Cass Information Systems

Chat Agent

Similar to a customer service rep, a chat agent helps resolve problems. Since communication between the agent and customer is via online chat, it may be a more relaxed starting position than one that includes a lot of work over the phone.

You can look for chat agent opportunities via The Chat Shop, Indeed, and other online job boards.

Online Researcher

Even if you never got paid to do it, you’ve probably searched for something online before. Use that as “experience” to become an online researcher, and you can convert that skill into income.

Companies need online researchers to pinpoint information for a variety of needs. If you have plenty of attention to detail, this may be the perfect work-at-home job for you.

You can find online researcher positions at JustAnswer and Wonder.


Do you have quick fingers and excellent typing skills? Put them to use as a transcriber, and you can get paid for your time.

The good thing about transcription work is that it doesn’t require a ton of experience. And if you’re not great at typing, you can always improve until you get to the point that you can make it your work-at-home job.

Examples of companies that offer transcription work include TranscribeMe and Tigerfish.

Jonah Jacobs