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Examples Of Black Friday Gone Wrong

There are specific examples of how Black Friday is not all it’s cracked up to be when it comes to certain types of items. Here they are.

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Want to find the top deals on the following products? Read carefully, as they usually aren’t on Black Friday:

Winter Coats

That cold winter air can make a coat necessary if you live up north. But is Black Friday the best time to buy a winter coat? Not really.

The low temperatures that the end of November can bring increases the demand for winter coats. For this reason, retailers prefer to keep their prices higher.

When can you get a beautiful winter coat without breaking the bank? January, as that’s when the winter season for retail starts coming to a close.

If you can stick it out until a little after the new year, you should find some quality coats on clearance racks at a fraction of their regular price.

Fitness Equipment

A bargain on an exercise bike could surely come in handy on Black Friday. After all, you’ll probably want something to help you fill your new year’s resolution if it involves some sort of fitness goal.

Is Black Friday best for bikes and other fitness equipment, though? You probably could score some savings, but if you see nothing you like, don’t fret.

January is best for finding fitness equipment at affordable prices since it coincides with those new year’s resolutions. Wait it out, then pick out the piece of equipment that best fits your needs.

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Holiday Decorations

As the Thanksgiving decorations go into storage and the Christmas ones come out, you may want to add to your collection.

Unfortunately, the high demand for holiday decorations around Black Friday leads to fewer discounts. You can snag some new items once the holidays are over, however, and use them the next time around.


This sweet treat makes a great stocking stuffer in boxes, but its best bargains often aren’t found on Black Friday.

If you want to find the best boxed chocolate discounts, keep your eyes peeled in between Valentine’s Day and Easter. While those dates may be months away, you can stock up, just as with holiday decorations, and use those chocolates as gifts later on.


Could your home use some new tools to keep handy for when unexpected repairs are needed? Home improvement stores may offer some tool-related discounts on Black Friday, but there’s no need to pull the trigger so soon.

The days after Black Friday are better for tool buying, so whether they’re for projects around the home or a gift for that special someone, be patient in this department.


Electronics are trendy purchases on Black Friday. If you need evidence of that, just look at the long lines anxious customers outside of Best Buy that start forming on Thanksgiving.

What’s one of the most highly desired electronics during the holidays? Laptops, as many people use them for work, school, and entertainment.

You won’t have trouble finding deals on low-end laptops during Black Friday. If you’re looking for something high end, however, July and September are when more expensive models tend to see drops in price.

Jonah Jacobs