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13 Ways To Entertain The Entire Family For Free

Are your entertainment expenses making it tough to meet monthly bills? If so, have a look at various ways you can have fun without paying a penny.

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Free forms of entertainment are all around you. As long as you know where to look or get a bit creative, you can enjoy them with your family while keeping within budget.

Will you spend cash on gas to get to some of these destinations? Sure, but once you’re there, you’ll find yourself concentrating on the experience instead of constantly dishing out the dough.

Have a picnic

Chances are, you have local parks nearby. Visit one with friends and family and bring some food along for the ride. Just getting together should be enough to keep you entertained.

Go hiking

You don’t have to live near the mountains to go hiking. As long as there is nature in your vicinity, you can enjoy it while getting some exercise and sunshine in the process.

Go biking

If you’re not big on walking and prefer to let wheels do most of the work, grab your bikes and hit the nearest trail. If you live in a big city or somewhere where trails are non-existent, riding on the street will do.

Visit historical sites

Many historical sites are free, and if not, their entrance fee will likely be low. You can ask your local historical society for tips on the best hotspots.

Visit a museum

You and your family can learn while being entertained in a museum. Some are free and accept donations so that you won’t break the bank here.

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Go to your local library

The number of entertainment options at libraries is numerous. You can use the Internet, check out books, rent DVDs and CDs at no cost, and more.

Attend a free concert

Check your newspaper or the Internet for any complimentary concerts in your area. You may not get the privilege to see headliners in person, but free music events still provide tons of fun for everyone.

Find a festival

As long as you fight the urge to spend mounds of money on food and with other vendors, local festivals are excellent forms of free entertainment.

Get to know your city

Have you truly discovered everything your area has to offer? Probably not, which is why it’s a good idea to grab the kids to get out and explore. Even sightseeing through different neighborhoods is an excellent way to pass the time while listening to some tunes.

Volunteer for a good cause

Volunteering shouldn’t cost you a thing as it pays you via the satisfaction you can get from helping others.

Watch youth sports

You can get your children interested in sports by watching others play. As you cheer them on, you can get closer to your community and meet new people too.

Walk around the mall

You can window shop without spending a dime, just like many others do at the mall. Walking around also offers up exercise and a way to get out of the house.

Find free in-store events

When at the mall, there’s a good chance you’ll find stores hosting free events for kids. Barnes and Noble, for instance, often has storytime sessions that can allow you to unwind while others keep the young ones entertained.

Jonah Jacobs