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10 Free And Fun Activities To Do With Your Children

Even though schools are shut down, and most other places are closed due to the coronavirus, there are plenty of ways to have fun with your kids while cooped up inside. Best of all, they’re free.

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1. Tour national parks, museums, and more.

Your family can temporarily escape the reality of being stuck inside by taking virtual trips through some of the world’s greatest wonders.

Google Arts & Culture is currently offering free virtual tours of several tourist hotspots like the Champs-Elysees and Yellowstone National Park.

Not only is this an educational opportunity, but you can also use it to plan a future vacation to see the real thing in person once this all blows over.

2. Learn a new language.

Both you and your kids can broaden your horizons by learning a new language during this downtime. There’s no better time than now to learn a new skill, and Duolingo lets you do that for free.

With over 30 languages in its online learning catalog, anyone 10 and over can start to pick up a second language without having to pay a penny.

3. Revisit your childhood with free stories.

Having an escape can help reduce the stress and anxiety that’s come with the COVID-19 outbreak. Amazon’s Audible Stories can be just the escape you need.

Both you and your children will love its educational and entertaining stories and audiobooks that now come at no cost.

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4. Video chat with friends.

Social distancing guidelines are keeping many people apart. You can overcome this, though, by jumping on a free video chat platform like FaceTime or Skype that will make it seem like you’re in the same room.

Once you’re connected, everyone can chat to catch up on what’s going on with each other’s lives, play games, or even watch movies or TV shows together.

5. Play board games.

There’s a good chance you have some old board game sitting around that is collecting dust. Play them for some free and wholesome family fun.

6. Make an “I’m bored” list.

This idea can work wonders now and well into the future. Have each person in your household brainstorm and make up a list of things they can do when they’re bored. Stick everyone’s ideas to the fridge and consult them when it seems like there’s nothing to do.

Although this exercise can combat boredom, it can also trigger creativity and teach your kids to be resourceful, which could come in handy should they run into a similar situation when they have a family of their own.

7. Visit more museums.

Travel & Leisure has a nice list of virtual museum tours you can visit via your smartphone, tablet, or computer to teach your kids about the world, history, and culture.

8. Get free online resources from your library.

Most libraries have been forced to close doors due to COVID-19. You can still take advantage of their free resources, however, by accessing online portals that let you enjoy audiobooks, e-books, streaming movies and TV shows, and more.

Visit your library’s website to find out which virtual services they’re offering. Some of the more common ones include Overdrive/Libby, Hoopla, and cloudLibrary.

9. Set up a scavenger hunt.

It can be inside your home, in the backyard, at a park (if any are open), or on a local road trip.

10. Make learning fun.

There are plenty of online educational services being served up for free. They can make learning more fun and exciting, which can help your kids in school. Here’s a small list:

  • Minecraft: Education Edition
  • Mystery Science
  • Smart Music
  • Scholastic Learn at Home
  • Blue Sky Kids

Jonah Jacobs